Some jobs are just too big for a rake and shovel!

Our Cat Steer Loader or Bobcat has all the necessary attachments including general purpose bucket, rake bucket and forks for reshaping and moving whatever it takes to construct your dream garden or property.

Our 8 Tonne Tip Truck will get materials to your job and cart away anything you no longer need to leave your property clean and tidy.

Any machine is only as good as it’s operator and with over 10 years experience in operating John will get the job done fast, efficiently and safely

Sometimes there is just not enough room to move a machine the size of a bobcat but our Thomas Track Machine or Mini Loader is a narrow machine to get through tight areas, including small gates into backyards or tight spots on your property.
With the bucket fitted the Mini Loader can carry out the same tasks as the bobcat.

With fork lift blades fitted to the mini loader we can move pallets of bricks, lawn or pavers etc. to wherever you want without the need to push and struggle with that wheel barrow – we know you have more important things to do with your time.

With the trencher head fitted we can dig trenches for electrical cable, drainage or reticulation etc. while you throw the spade away and sit back and enjoy a beer

The drill auger that can drill holes for fence posts or holes for planting trees.We also have a broom attachment to clean up driveways or paths making the job of improving your property all that much easier.

We also have a 1.8 Tonne Mini Excavator for shaping earth, trenching, or digging.


thomas ripper2

Thomas attachments

thomas general bucketGeneral purpose bucket: for moving material, cutting levels and reshaping ground levels.
thomas augerAuger: for drilling holes, for fence posts and tree planting.
thomas ripperRippers: for tearing the ground, ripping the earth and loosening material.
thomas trencherTrencher: for digging in reticulation, trenching power, garden lights and storm water drains.
thomas broomRoad broom: for sweeping up unwanted dirt, soil, cleaning driveways, pathways and roads.
thomas road broom liftedRoad broom elevated to show the brushes.

Bobcat attachments

bobcatCat skid steer general purpose bucket: for moving material, levelling earth and reshaping terrain.
bobcat rake bucketRake bucket: for sorting rock, removing and sifting lawn and movement of material.
bobcat forksForks: for moving pallets, shifting packs of material, general movement of loads.



8 tonne truck8 Tonne Truck