Your home usually is the biggest investment in your life. Landscaping, driveways and fencing increases the value of your property as well as the obvious short term benefits to enjoy.

Designing and planning on a large scale can be a daunting task for some owners. With over 10 years of experience, John from Great Southern Scapes can help bring your dream garden, driveway or fencing projects to life.

Over the years John has helped people design and plan their property improvements. Whether you have a firm vision, or just looking for advice, John is the guy to take the project to completion, providing service with a smile.

Whether you want to reshape or reticulate your garden to make it more attractive or usable, create a new driveway to keep the mess and dust from your home, or fence line to keep your pets in (or the kangaroos out) – give us a call.

To do the best job possible they say a tradesman is only as good as his tools. At Great Southern Scapes we have a range of hardy tools to do the job safely and efficiently. See our “Machinery” page for a summary of some of the gear we use.

Great Southern Scapes also has certificates of competency to operate the equipment, as well as insurance cover for peace of mind.

Our speciality at Great Southern Scapes are the big “make over” jobs. We have the experience and skills to solve the majority of your property improvement needs.”

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